OIO 5th Fire Drill In 2019
2023-02-23 10:12:26

n order to strengthen the fire safety education in the factory,  to improve the emergency-handling ability of all staff to deal with fire danger, and to accumulate fire rescue experience,in the afternoon of May 11, OIO held the 5th fire drill with the theme of “Preventing Fire From Burning”.

All the stuff from zipper business division, label business division I, label business division II, label business division III and comprehensive department participated in the fire drill, and Xitang fire brigade explained fire fighting knowledge to the staff.

Xitang fire brigade monitor Zhu explained the usage of dry powder fire extinguishers  : When using portable dry powder fire extinguishers, you should hold the handle of portable fire extinguishers and quickly rush to the fire. Put down the fire extinguisher about 5 meters away from the ignition point.  If it’s used outdoors,you should stand at the windward direction. Before using, turn the fire extinguisher upside down for several times to loosen the powder inside the cylinder.

If you use a built-in or a stored-pressure dry powder extinguisher ,you should first pull out the safety pin.Then you hold the nozzle with one hand, and press pressure with another hand . So that dry powder will be ejected from the nozzle. If you use an external dry powder fire extinguisher,you should hold the nozzle with one hand, lift the handle ring with another hand.When holding the handle, dry powder will be ejected from the nozzle,too.