Detection method of zippers

  • Tension Binding Force

    The tension acts on the bottom of the puller and the combined puller head.  In addition to the measurement method of 90° as shown in the figure, there are other methods of 45°.

  • Check poewr on

    Secure the lower part of the bite zipper and pullthe pull head up.

  • Self-locking force

    Lock the puller head in the middle of the teethand pull the chains eft and riaht in their
    respective directions.

  • Between strong

    Stretch the bite zipper horizontally atconstant speed.

  • Check under the strong

    Pull the pull head to the bottom, separating thetwo chains left and right and pulling in their
    respective directions.

  • Open tall flat pull strong

    Lock the puller head in the middle of the teethand pull the chains left and right in theirrespective directions.

Testing method for trademark products

  • The rope pulls on the hand

    Apply tension radially until the rope separatesfrom the flm or the rope breaks.The separatingforce is the pulling force of the rope handle.

  • O buckle pull

    Apply radial tension until both O buckles are
    separated or the fabric is damaged.Tension isthe force when the O buckle is separated or theclothe is broken.

  • O buckle binding force

    Continue applying force until the two O bucklesseparated.The force of separation is the bindingforce.

  • Trademark seam cracking test

    Clamp the trademark at the sewing position of1mm (not the thickness of the mark) up anddown directly for tensile test.