• How many times can zipper of plastic plated tooth and nylon plated tooth be reciprocated?

    Ordinary zipper can be reciprocated for more than 500 times, and the plated tooth zippers can be reciprocated for 100-200times at most.

  • Why doesn't the zipper slide smoothly when it's opened or closed, or does it clamp the clothes?

     When sewing the zipper, if the stitching is too close to the chain tooth, there is not enough space for the zipper to slide, sothe zipper sliding will be blocked. So you shall leave enough space when sewing zippers.f the fabric used is too thin or too soft for the zipper to hold the fabric, reinforce it with seams or core wires

  • What if the zipper parts melt during ironing?

    When pressing zippers with an iron, be sure to line a layer of fabric on zippers. Please pay attention to the heat resistance of
    zippers (and the product itself).

  • Why do metal zippers change color?

     Metal parts may get corroded, which depends on their storage conditions. Corroded parts may contaminate the product , sothe product should be kept in a place with low humidity.You should avoid sealed storage in plastic baas or cardboard boxes. andstore with some air permeability (also note the effect of nitrogen oxides).Please pay attention to the fact that using fluorine-containing cleaning products or touching fabrics that have been usedfluorine-containing cleaning products can make metal parts fade.

  • Why do wool or feather products change color while using zippers?

     Woo or feather products are prone to have chemical residues isuch as bleach that cause the meta parts of the zioper toreact when stored, eading to discoloration or corrosion. Neutralize properly and choose products that are not susceptible tochemical residues, such as resin zippers and coated pullers.

  • What if the zipper bend out of shape during the dry cleaning?

    Repeated dry cleaning or high temperature drying can cause a zipper to bend or deform when the zipper is not closedTherefore, make sure the zipper is closed before washing, drving or dry-cleaning.

  • ls rubber painted puller washable ?

    The rubber painted puller is not washable, nor can it be guaranteed to bear ordinary washing

  • Where can I use the rope handle?

     The rope handle is widely used. t can be used on the sliders of top fly zipper and pocket zipper, making zipper more convenient topull up. It can also be used for zipper head of luggage in place of puller.

  • How many kilograms can rope pull reach?

    We judge from the size of the product and the depth of which the flm is attached to the rope, the conventional pulling force ofplastic TPU polyester rope is about 8G, the conventional pulling force of plastic elastic rope is about 6kG, the conventional pulinoforce of plastic PVC rope is about 10kG, and the conventional puling force of silicone rope is about 8KG. Our company has maturehandle production technology, which can meet customers' requirements of 15kG or above or special requirements.

  • injection TPU handle, is the pulling force required for clothes and bags the same?

    for clothing, pulling force is usually 8-10kg. Used for luggage, pulling force above 15kG is generally required.

  • how soft and hard can the plastic TPU rope handle be? What's the recommended temperature?

    the softest hardness is 85 %. However, if the soft hardness is lower than 85%, the product yield is low and there are rough edgeseasily. Therefore. the soft hardness of TPU rope is recommended to be 95 %

  • is the handle of injection TPU rope environmentally friendly?

    environmentally friendly, our TPU injection molding products have OEKO certifcate

  • is the mold product exactly the same as the original sample?

    the newly mold products of our company can be more than 95% similar to the original samples.

  • can the rope handle be made into any shape?

    this is not absolute. We will design the mold drawing according to the client's drawing and confrm with the client

  • does the handle of injection TPU rope turn yellow easily?

    transparent and white are prone to turn yellow, but our company adds anti-yelowing materials to our bulk goods. Productsproduced with soft and hard materials of 95% are normally sealed in transparent packaging bags. There wil be no problem in storagefor 6 months at room temperature. However, the transparent and white handles produced with soft 90 or 85% materials are more easilvto yellowing.

  • which colors are easier to absorb when touching the handle of plastic PVC rope?

    there is A higher risk of color absorption when the handle of light-colored pC rope is matched with dark-colored fabrics
    especially those in bright red and navy blue.

  • is there any way to use PVC handle and prevent cross color?

     PVC products can be wrapped with paper or transparent film to isolate the products from the fabric.

  • what is the fastness of the printed logo on the handle surface of the rope?

    the logo or pattern printed on the surface ink of plastic products can achieve a clear and bright color effect, but the washingastness not so good. The product only has one layer of printing surface, which is not scratch-resistant. After long-term use of friction.the printed logo or pattern will fall off.

  • How much do you charge for molds? Can we receive a refund?

    The mold fee of our company is charged according to different products, but the mold fee is always our company's supportingservice. As ong as the customer orders reach a certain amount, we do not charge for mold fee. Or the annual cooperation amountreaches million, the mold fee can be fully refunded to you.